Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Signs around the Wagha Border

Blake's favorite was the Border Crossing Emporium - did not stop there but did wonder what they were selling. Arpana's favorite was the one indicating exchanging Pakistani currency

The Ceremony, Wagha Border

The ceremony - Men line up, march down the street towards the border crossing India and Pakistan, gates open, the men shake hands, and lower the flags simultaneously, fold them up military style and walk away as the gates close for yet another evening, only to reopen the next morning for a similar, flag hoisting ceremony.

Wagha Border, Amritsar (Indian side)

The crowds at the ceremony. Note the number of people on the Indian side (mixed crowds and large) and Pakistani side (separate for men and women). Lot of dancing on the street and cheering in the crowds with patriotic songs and themes being blasted from loud speakers

Jallianwala Baug, Amritsar (May 2010)

This park is the site of the great tragedy when British soldiers opened fire on innocent families gathered to hear a speech. A very emotional place! The last picture is of the entrance where General Dyer attempted to get in the tanks but was unable to do so. You may remember the scene portrayed in the movie "Gandhi."

Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab (May 2-4, 2010)

The Golden Temple is the most sacred site for the Sikhs. It is perhaps the most beautiful building we have ever seen. So nice, Blake saw it twice! It makes sense that there should be golden carp in the Golden temple

The locale at Munnar

Elephant labor used to deforest the mountains;tree with the red blossoms is cardamon

More images of Munnar

Mountain sides just covered with tea plants and Women picking tea leaves